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Inspirational Monday

March 20, 2017



Hey Guys!! I hope you had an amazing weekend like I did full of joy and peace. I was seating here enjoying one of the old and gold chewing gums from Kenya called ‘Big-G’, popping my bubble gum and I figured hey! You know what! I want to send a word of encouragement to a beautiful soul out there, who feels like they are under the rut and they see the light in the tunnel but it’s a train coming and now they think uh-oh how am I going to get myself out of this.

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Kalunji design fashion show

March 6, 2017


Last month I had the privilege of being a model for an African designer based in Malmö, Sarah Nakiito.  Sarah is a textile artist. She is interested in textiles from different parts of Africa. She feels that fashion is political and should be included in today’s industry, especially here in Sweden. She was inspired to make her own clothing line 9 years ago; after the birth of her daughter. She felt it was important for her daughter to have a connection with her Africans roots through textile. Continue Reading…

Beauty, Fashion, My lifestyle, outfits

Finding love from within

February 15, 2017

Hey everyone

I hope you all had great valentines, whether you are in a relationship, single or married.

Yesterday being valentines left me thinking how many people were left heartbroken because they didn’t get what they were expecting. We have become so dependent in other people loving us that we forgot how to find love from within. Continue Reading…

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Head up

January 31, 2017

Hello everyone

Inspiration comes in many forms and can strike randomly. Today am convicted to encourage someone as a result of my past and my present events. Time has proven over and over again that no situation is permanent and that there´s always light at the end of the tunnel.

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